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Jarome Iginla

Jarome Iginla trade with Boston Bruins is apparently “imminent”

Jarome Iginla is a healthy scratch for the Calgary Flames game versus Colorado tonight. The reason can only be that the long-time Flames captain is in the process of being traded. The main, and most reputable rumour seems to indicate that Iggy is bound for the Boston Bruins. If this is true, TSN’s Bob McKenzie […]

Jarome Iginla is not getting traded

Flames GM Jay Feaster squashes Jarome Iginla trade rumours

Calgary Flames GM Jay Feaster squashed any “trade Iggy” rumours that were floating around. Or did he? “Jarome Iginla has not been asked to waive his no-trade, and Jarome Iginla has not demanded a trade or asked for a trade,” Feaster said. “There is no list. There is no smoking gun. There is nobody on […]

Jokinen and Prust for Kotalik and Higgins

So it looks like I chose the wrong afternoon/evening to go offline. I figured the drama of the day was done after the big Phaneuf trade, but I guess I underestimated Darryl Sutter. TSN is now reporting that the Flames will announce a trade with the New York Rangers that will send Jokinen and Prust […]

Flames Wild Hockey

More Tanguay Rumours

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about rumours that were circulating about whether Alex Tanguay would re-sign with the Calgary Flames. As I said in my original post I don’t believe the rumours and I really don’t think he’ll end up in a Flames uniform next season. But nonetheless, people are still talking. Oh, we […]

Is Tanguay Coming Back to the Flames?

Oh Crap! Say it ain’t so, Joe! (or Darryl, or Brent, or even Brett!) There is a rumour floating around that the Flames are trying to re-sign Alex Tanguay, who spent 2 so-so years with the Flames in 06-07 and 07-08 . I am not a Tanguay lover by any stretch of the imagination and […]

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