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30 Years of Flames Hockey in Calgary

Posted 02 Sep 2009 — by admin
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Pepper and Connie in Flames Retro Jerseys

The Calgary Flames launched the 30-day countdown to the start of their 30th season today by unveiling the “Retro Jersey”. Make no mistake about it, this is not a 3rd jersey, it’s something completely different. The retro jersey is a 1980’s themed “old skool” jersey that will be worn by the team 5 times this season when they play against their Canadian Rivals. This jersey celebrates 30 years of Flames hockey in Calgary.

There seems to be a consensus amongst pundits, bloggers, and readers alike that the overall theme of the jersey is a hit, while the 30-year logo itself is a #fail. While I have to admit, the jersey is pretty cool, the 30 year logo is blatantly missing a Saddledome, a Stanely Cup and it’s a bit gaudy.

The Calgary Flames have also planned an assortment of activities to celebrate the start of their 30th season in Calgary. Several of the players have been going door-to-door handing out ticket packs to lucky Flames season ticket holders. Also, Each day there will be a new story and highlight from each of of the 30 seasons posted on the Flames website. There is also the chance to win a $30,000 shopping spree on opening night (Oct 1). And if you’re looking for a reason to be proud of your NHL team’s commitment to the community, don’t forget to check out the 30th anniversary press conference. You’ll see Flames President Ken King and owner Harley Hotchkiss discussing 30 years of Flames hockey.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can’t deny that the Flames organization loves the city of Calgary and its fans and they are committed to being here for many years to come.

Team Canada 2010 Jerseys

Posted 17 Aug 2009 — by admin
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Got $400 burning a hole in your pocket?

Why not buy an authentic Team Canada 2010 Olympic hockey jersey. Or better yet, why not buy one for yourself and one for me so we can wear them while we cheer on our team next year. (Don’t tell me that you don’t have tickets to the Gold Medal game already?!!)
Today, Hockey Canada officially unveiled the new jerseys that Team Canada will wear at the 2010 Winter Olympics (and Paralympics) in Vancouver. It should be no big surprise that we have a red version and a white version, but the price may be a bit of a shocker. There are 2 price levels: Authentic ($400) and Replica ($135).

The authentic jersey is made by Nike and is pretty schwanky. It meets all the IOC guidelines while striking a unique style with the native-themed maple leaf crest. It will make you skate faster than Rick Nash, score more clutch Olympic goals than Jarome Iginla and Joe Sakic combined, and it looks nice while accessorized with gold.

The replica jersey is exactly the same, except that the Hockey Canada mark on the left sleeve is missing. So I guess this means that the HC badge is worth $265?!!

“These jerseys bear a uniquely exciting Canadian look in keeping with the distinctly Canadian character. The appearance of these jerseys will ignite our nation’s pride each time some of Canada’s most recognizable athletes take to the ice to represent their country and the Canadian Olympic team,” said Michael Chambers, president of the Canadian Olympic Committee. “We know all Canadians will be proud of the athletes wearing these memorable Olympic team jerseys, and that those same fans will wear them in demonstrating their support for our Olympic hockey players.”

I like the fact that the jersey design includes some unique, West Coast style while adding parts from the rest of the country. There’s a beaver, a moose and a little fleur de lys in there for good measure. And, really, how can Team Canada be beat when we have not only an Eagle on the crest, but also a Thunderbird!

Replica jerseys are available for purchase right now, but the authentic jerseys won’t be available until October, though you can pay for it now.

I’m not sure how many people will be lining up for the authentic jersey at this point… but as Olympic fever builds, so too will the demand for these unique pieces of Canadian Hockey lore.

Wanna see what Team Canada has worn in the past? CTV has a great page with some pics of our old hockey jerseys.