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Thursday’s "What Ifs"

Posted 03 Apr 2008 — by admin
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So here we are, in 7th place in the West with 2 road games remaining (Minnesota tonight, Vancouver on Saturday). This begs the big question: What if….?

Q1: What if the Flames Win tonight or on Saturday?
They are in the playoffs. Statistically speaking, the only team that can bump them is Vancouver (if Van wins their next 2 games, and the Flames lose their next two). Calgary and Vancouver would end the season tied for points, but since Vancouver won more games vs. the Flames this season… they’d be in. But we all know that won’t happen.

Q2: What if the Flames go to Overtime tonight or on Saturday.
Same as Q1. We’re in. Vancouver’s out.

Q3: What if Calgary wins it’s next 2 and Minnesota loses it’s next 2?
That will mean that Calgary will finish first in the Northwest Division.
After Colorado beats Minnesota on Sunday, the Wild and the Avs would both finish with 95 pts. Calgary would finish with 96, and go into the Post season with home Ice advantage in the 1st round.

Q4: What if Calgary Loses?
The Wild are the Northwest Division Champs (their first ever). Calgary relies on a Vancouver loss to secure a spot in the playoffs.