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Final Game Plan: Smash Henik Sedin #ABS

Posted 10 Apr 2010 — by admin
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The Calgary Flames play their last game of the season tonight in Vancouver, and there’s really only one thing that matters now: keep Henrik Sedin off the scoresheet. The Canucks pretty boy is in the race for the Art Ross Trophy, trailing Alexander Ovechkin by one point. They both have one game left, so it’s now up to the Flames to keep little Sedin from getting any more points.

Normally I would be cheering against Ovechkin because – as much as he’s an amazing hockey player – I just don’t like him. But when it comes down to Ovechkin vs Sedin (and all those smug Canucks fans) I’ll take Ovechkin any day. I’ll be so happy if Ovechkin finishes ahead of Sedin so all those “Sedin should win the Hart Trophy” idiots can stuff it. The term “Anything But Sedin” has been floating around for a while now, and tonight it’ll be the only thing that matters for me.

At the end of the day, this final game of the regular season has little significance for either team. The Canucks will finish 3rd in the West while the Flames will miss the playoffs. But there is a little pride on the line tonight.  The Canucks would be more than happy to win the final meeting with Calgary to tie their best ever record with 49 wins. The Flames would be happy to take the season series 4-2 while sending the Canucks into the playoffs with some bruises to tend to, no hardware coming… and none expected.

So the game plan is simple. Skate hard, don’t allow any defensive breakdowns and hit anything that has a #33 on it. The rest of it will work itself out.