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Game Day Media Check-Up

Posted 20 Apr 2008 — by admin
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It’s game day in a snowy Calgary, and the media have taken their opportunity to weigh in. For those of you who don’t have your own personalized Google hompage with the Calgary Flames News Updates Widget… I’ll run down what everyone is saying.

But First and most importantly, don’t overlook that the game time has been pushed up 2 hrs tonight (to 8pm) thanks to Ottawa’s early exit from the post-season.

The Globe and Mail’s Eric Duhatschek writes about the need for secondary scoring on the Flames. Jarome Iginla, he points out, has been contributing like he has done all season, but no ‘character player’ has stepped up for the Flames and added their offensive contribution. To contrast this, look at San Jose’s Ryan Clowe, a 3rd year NHL-er who has 4 goals and 4 assists in 5 games so far.

The Calgary Herald’s Allan Cameron also sang a similar tune in his article yesterday morning.

Today, The Hearald’s Jean Lefebvre is a bit more positive (and hopeful) that the Flames can pull off a victory in Game 6 tonight. He points out that this year is much different than last year, when the Flames were grossly outplayed by a more-skilled Red Wings team. He writes that the Flames have “battled the Sharks every step of the way this spring” and the players are more confident that a win in game 6 is definitely possible. But, he notes, the Flames have a 5-14 record in Game 6’s in the past, so they have the stats going against them.

CBC’s 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs Blog talks a bit about the snow, the need for the Flames to come in mentally prepared, and the Flames Game 6 history. But the CBC puts it’s own positive spin near the end of the post: “One advantage the Flames have is in the special teams battle. Calgary’s power play is tops in the post-season with a 27.8 per cent success rate. The penalty kill has also been good at 83.3 per cent.” I wonder how much the CBC are hoping for Calgary and Montreal to continue into round 2 to make sure their ratings are as high as possible. After 3 years of Canadian teams making it to the Stanley Cup finals, they must be cursing the Sharks and Bruins right now.

And Finally, Stepane Massinon weighs in about the steep ticket prices Flames fans are facing to try to get a seat in the ‘Dome tonight. Scalpers and ticket re-sellers are charging prices upwards of $1000 for lower bowl tickets, even though reselling of tickets is illegal. The Flames organization has been watching online ticket sales, but there is little they can do when 55,000 people are vying for 1,400 tickets per game.

If you’ve got a good story about how you got your ticket for tonight’s game, let me know!