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Iginla is Hart Trophy Finalista

Posted 29 Apr 2008 — by admin
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Calgary Captain Jarome Iginla was announced as a finalist for the Hart Trophy today. The Heart Trophy is given to the player judged “most valuable to his team.”

Iginla will be up against Pittsburgh’s Evgeni Malkin and Washington’s Alexander Ovechkin.

I think Iggy has a good chance of finally getting it. I don’t think that Malkin really has that much chance, as he’s overshadowed by another great player on his team. The only competition comes from Ovechkin, who is definitely valuable to his team. His 65 goals and almost-single handedly getting his team into the playoffs has to count for much… but I don’t see “Ovy” to be as valuable to his team as Iginla was.

I think of Iginla is a leader who is consistently at the top of the class, and bringing those around him higher. I think of Ovechkin is a bit of a solo player who will score tonnes of goals, and break records… all by himself but his impact on his teammates is not the same.

Most Valuable to his team… it’s gotta be Iginla this year.