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What’s Wrong With Flames Fans?

Posted 18 Nov 2009 — by admin
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I used to brag to my friends in Montreal and Vancouver about how great a building the Saddledome is; how loud it is; and how passionate the Flames fans are about their team. After last night’s performance by the 19,289 fans in attendance I may have to eat my words.

The Flames came back from a road trip after taking 4-of-5 possible points and putting themselves in a position to win and move into top spot in the NW and 2nd in the West. What was supposed to be a loud welcome home for the boys turned into an awkward, high-school-dance-like event where everyone sat on their hands and nobody seemed to want to raise their voices unless someone was fighting.

I don’t intend to give a play-by-play of moments when the crowd got rowdy and when they were silent, but I did want to officially call-out the fans that were there last night and ask them what the hell they were waiting for? I’m sure that the 9,503 fans at Phoenix’s last home game were louder than we were.

For the entire first period it was so quiet in the dome that you could hear a pin drop. Sure there were the usual ooohs and aaaahs when we almost scored, or when Kipper came up with a great save, but the level of noise in the Dome last night was far from ‘loud’. We can’t just cheer when our team scores a goal. When we’re playing at home we need to give our team energy, not suck it out of them if they don’t score within the first 45 seconds of the game. In some rinks the fans make the difference. There was a time when we were those fans, but last night wasn’t one of them.

We’ve got one more day to work our vocal cords and get ready for Chicago. All it takes is one person. Who’s gonna be the fan that starts it tomorrow night?