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Stephane Auger Will Referee Tonight’s Flames Game

Posted 13 Jan 2010 — by admin
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Stephane Auger

We’re 30 minutes to puck drop and the story all day today has been about the referee. After facing a controversy for “allegedly” telling Canucks forward Alexandre Burrows that he was going to get him during Vancouver’s game against Nashville on Monday, Stephane Auger is set to don the stripes and orange armband for tonight’s Flames vs Penguins game.

Auger has a long history of controversial calls (thanks to the super-biased jonno for sending me this link on Twitter last night) and has taken flack from many fans in the past. But that didn’t change the league’s perception of Monday’s accusation by Burrow. The NHL officially released this statement on the matter today:

“We have determined that Mr. Burrows’ account of referee Auger’s comments to him before the game and specifically Burrows’ suggestion that these comments indicated bias against the player of the Vancouver team, cannot be substantiated. While referee auger engaged the player in a brief conversation prior to the opening face-off, I firmly believe that nothing inappropriate was said and that referee Auger’s intentions were beyond reproach.” – Colin Campbell, Executive VP of Hockey Operations

I believe that Auger will be under the microscope tonight and will call a perfect game as a result. If you don’t agree (or even if you do) leave a comment and let me know why.

Phaneuf Hit on Okposo – In Case You Missed It

Posted 23 Sep 2009 — by admin
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Sure it’s a week old, but today was actually the first time I stumbled across the video of Dion Phaneuf’s hit on Kyle Okposo on September 17.

I was in the Saddledome that night and saw the hit live. There has been much discussion of whether it was clean or dirty, justified or unjustified, and whether Dion is a dirtbag cheapshot or just a guy who’s returning to his 2007-2008 form. In fact there’s been so much talk about it that we can officially put it to bed… but the fact remains: Okposo got nailed while trying to take on 3 Flames near center ice. Morency got 2, 5 and a game misconduct for instigating the fight with Phaneuf and the NHL suspended him for the remainder of the preseason plus 5 regular season games for coming off the bench to participate in said fight.