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Red Mile: A Part of Canadian Culture

Posted 18 Jan 2007 — by admin
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I got a message this morning that Red Mile: The Calgary Flames Blog is featured on, the official Canadian culture webpage that is hosted by the Government of Canada.

I’ve been listed (along with several other hockeyblogs) on a page dedicated to exploring hockeyblogging in Canada. Check it out! It discusses the nature of hockeyblogging, and the 2 main groups that write hockeyblogs: fans and journalists.

I suppose this means I better step it up!! I have been taking a break for the last month (I suppose working 18 of the last 20 days doesn’t help!) and focusing on other things, but I haven’t forgotten my beloved Flames!! I’ve updated the most recent game (Calgary vs. Dallas), and included the YouTube highlights.

Thanks for including me on the list!

Now I really have to see about getting myself a SlingBox so I can watch all the Flames games!