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Boogaard Suspended 5 Games for Elbow to the Head

Posted 28 Feb 2009 — by admin
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I got back from vacation earlier this week and had a chance to watch the Wild-Flames game on Friday night. It was a great game to watch until just under 2 minutes left in 3rd period when Minnesota goon Derek Boogaard ran Flames winger Brandon Prust into the boards with an ‘elbow to the head’.

It was a late hit, a dangerous hit and one that could have caused a major injury to Prust. The Flames staff commented that he suffered a concussion by the elbow, but this has not been confirmed at this point.

The NHL handed out a 5-game suspension to Boogaard for the incident, but I don’t think it will really change his play. He’s always been a goon and will always be a goon. Boogaard seeks not only to hit players every time he’s on the ice, but also to injure his opponents every time he’s out on the ice.

I think the suspension is a bit soft – I think 10 games would be sufficient for this incident. I don’t think 5 games really shows that the league is serious about deterring head shots.

In case you missed it, here’s the video: