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Phaneuf Hit on Okposo – In Case You Missed It

Posted 23 Sep 2009 — by admin
Category Big Hit, Controversy, Okposo, Phenuf, Pre-season

Sure it’s a week old, but today was actually the first time I stumbled across the video of Dion Phaneuf’s hit on Kyle Okposo on September 17.

I was in the Saddledome that night and saw the hit live. There has been much discussion of whether it was clean or dirty, justified or unjustified, and whether Dion is a dirtbag cheapshot or just a guy who’s returning to his 2007-2008 form. In fact there’s been so much talk about it that we can officially put it to bed… but the fact remains: Okposo got nailed while trying to take on 3 Flames near center ice. Morency got 2, 5 and a game misconduct for instigating the fight with Phaneuf and the NHL suspended him for the remainder of the preseason plus 5 regular season games for coming off the bench to participate in said fight.