So what can I tell you about myself? Let’s start with the obvious. I’m Canadian. I’m a Flames fan. I’m a hockey player. I’m a Flames blogger. In fact, I was one of the first Calgary Flames bloggers. I started the original Red Mile Blog, on Google’s Blogger platform, back in 2005 when “hockey blogging” wasn’t even a blip on most people’s radar. There are now a lot of great writers covering the Flames on a variety of blogs and I’m just happy to be part of an awesome group of dedicated, passionate hockey fans.

My name is Greg and I have my dad to thank for becoming a Flames fan early in my life. I was born in Calgary back in the 70′s and moved to Victoria at a young age. Though I was surrounded by Canucks and Oilers fans for most of my youth, my dad made sure I knew which team was the right team to cheer for. My first game at the Saddledome was actually during the ’88 Olympics, and I remember vividly watching the Calgary Flames raise the Stanley Cup in the Montreal Forum the following year. I’m pretty sure that hooked me for life.

I have followed the Flames for years, no matter where I happened to be living, no matter how ugly their jerseys were or how many times they were successful or missed the playoffs. Since starting the Red Mile Blog, I’ve lived in Victoria, Hamilton, Montreal and now I’m back living in Calgary again. Following the Flames from afar was a challenge but thanks to a sneaky dad, a Slingbox, and eventually NHL Centre Ice, I was able to watch the majority of games even if it meant staying up very late and being very tired the next day at work.

In my “regular life” I pay my bills by doing social media for a big company. We fly planes all over North America, the Caribbean and Central America. It’s pretty cool.

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