Calgary Flames Superskills Competition


I went down to the Danone Superskills competition on Sunday and checked it out and it was a fun event. The Saddledome was as loud as I’ve heard it in a while, which is was probably due to the fact that most people that were in there don’t go that often. The majority of fans in attendance were families with kids and they truly appreciated the chance to see their Flames up close and personal.

The big highlight of the event was Ales Kotalik’s unexpected, 105.1 mph slapshot, which won him top spot in the hardest shot competition. His shot was only .3 mph slower than Zdeno Chara’s 105.4 mph shot that won the hardest shot competition at the 2009 NHL All Star Skills competition.

Also of note was the sharpshooter competition where Rene Bourque hit 4 targets in 4 shots. A few other players hit all 4 targets in 5, 6 or 7 shots, but Bork was the only guy to hit them all on his first 4 shots. David moss was crowned fastest skater, and Mikael Backlund won the puck control competition. The final score

With so many kids in attendance, Harvey the Hound sure earned his paycheque during the event. Whenever he came out into the crowd there was a constant stream of kids and parents coming up to him wanting photos. But being the cool kid that he is, Harvey still had time to mess around with us fans, and to show his support for the Hangin in the Dome, Chillin with Jarome T-shirt fundraiser for Kidsport Calgary. Here are a couple Iggy shirt and Harvey pics from the event:

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