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CBC Going Downhill: Marc Crawford is the Devil

As I watched the first 2 games of the season, I couldn’t help noticing how the CBC has slipped in their Hockey coverage. Not only were there the obvious technical problems (clock freezing on the screen, then disappearing all together, poor sound levels, dead air… the list goes on…), but there was a distinct lack […]

Welcome to My Slingbox

Tonight’s game between the Flames and the Atlanta Thrashers will mark the beginning of my Slingbox Era. I will be tuning into tonight’s game via my new Slingboxthat is located on top of my dad’s TV. This gem of technology will allow me to watch this game (and every one for the rest of the […]


Watch the Flames on the Big Screen

Tonight is the first of a series of Calgary Flames Games that will be broadcast on the big screen at various movie theatres across western Canada.Cineplex Entertainment invites Calgary Flames fans to experience “larger than life” hockey games on wall-to-wall screens at five participating theatre locations in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The nine regular season games […]

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