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Kipper shutout scores Calgary the first back-to-back win of the season

D-man Derek Smith scored his first-ever NHL goal in last minute of the 1st, leaving Nashville scrambling to match the Flames throughout 40 minutes. But time-and-time again Miikka shuts the door on all 26 — giving the star net-minder his first recorded shutout of the season. And though it was a quiet and conservative play […]

Conference Finals: Who are you cheering for?

Yesterday, I received an email from Jeff Klein, one of the writers for The New York Times hockey blog, Slap Shot. He was looking for my thoughts on whether I (and other Canadian hockey fans) are cheering for the Canucks because they are the only Canadian hockey team left in the Stanley Cup race. He […]

Matt Cooke delivers a head shot, again?!

One of the dirtiest players in the NHL was at it again today. In their 5-2 loss to the New York Rangers this afternoon, Pittsburgh’s Matt Cooke delivered a blatant head shot to Ryan McDonagh about 5 minutes into the 3rd period. McDonagh had just sent the puck into the offensive zone, and had his […]

A Modern Day Napoleon?

I am small in stature with grandiose plans for expansion. I have been portrayed as a power hungry leader. I have been accused of achieving my goals by taking power into my own hands to the exclusion of all around me. Although I have professed to be acting for the good of the whole, I […]

What Makes Hockey Players Different

In case you didn’t see it, there was an email circulating around about the Chicago Blackhawks attending GM Dale Tallon’s father’s funeral recently. It’s a great story, and, despite a couple minor errors, it’s mostly true. I’ve posted the original email below as well as an interview with Adam Burrish and Patrick Kane._______________________________________________In the middle […]


Roberto Luongo, Captain Canuck

I’m sure you all remember the photo of the 2007 Vancouver Canucks playoff team that were passed around the internet shortly after they made an early exit in after the 2nd round. It featured a photoshopped Canucks team photo that left one player in the middle of the bench all by himself. The player was […]

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