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Bragging rights to #Flames fans

In a move that I don’t ever remember seeing in the NHL before (correct me if I’m wrong) the Flames played 2 games in one night against the Vancouver Canucks; one game in Calgary and one game in Vancouver. The Flames split their top 2 lines between the teams and chose to dress Miikka Kiprusoff […]

Hat tip to the NHL – there are no words

I have to hand it to the NHL. The commercials they’ve played during this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs are great. They started with the “history will be made” commericals featuring Lemieux, Gretzky, Roy, Orr, and then expanded it to include more Stanley Cup heros from the past. I was waiting for the Stevie Y one, […]

Flames will host Canadiens in Heritage Classic

It’s official. Well, sort of. NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman announced yesterday that it was his intention for the Calgary Flames to host the Montreal Canadiens in an outdoor hockey game at McMahon Stadium in February 2011. The game still has to be approved by the NHLPA, which is why we should “consider this a soft, […]


A Hat Tip to all my Flames Friends

I suppose it’s fitting that the Calgary Flames ended their season by not only getting routed 7-3 by the Canucks, but also by letting Henrik Sedin get 4 points and move 3 points up on Alex Ovechkin in the race for the Art Ross Trophy. The Flames’ 2009-2010 season comes to an end with 2 […]

A Glimmer of Hope at the Saddledome

Brent Sutter’s “defence-first” philosophy turned many Flames Fan’s stomachs into knots as they watched their team defend numerous 1-0 leads only to see them disintegrate into 2-1 losses, in the final minutes of the game. Early in the season the Flames were scoring 4 or 5 goals per game, against staunch opponents like the Canucks, […]

In case you didn’t know, Dion sings karaoke

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Dion Phaneuf likes to sing karaoke. Apparently, the many Canucks fans out there think this is an absolute embarassment. Personally, I don’t agree. Karaoke is fun. Especially when you can’t sing. It’s been proven that karaoke success relies on the amount of effort you put into the song. […]

What’s Wrong With Flames Fans?

I used to brag to my friends in Montreal and Vancouver about how great a building the Saddledome is; how loud it is; and how passionate the Flames fans are about their team. After last night’s performance by the 19,289 fans in attendance I may have to eat my words. The Flames came back from […]

Welcome Home, Theo Fleury

If there was any doubt that Theo Fleury was ready to make an NHL comeback, it should be erased after last night’s pre-season game, when he took to the NHL ice for the first time in 7 years. Not only did he show that he’s still got it, but he also won the game for […]

Red White 011

Red-White Scrimmage Insight

I bought my ticket early for the Red-White scrimmage, and I’m glad I did. Before the game I thought that it would be “really good” to see more than 40 of Canada’s top hockey players on the ice at the same time. “Really Good” doesn’t even come close to describing what it was actually like […]


Team Canada 2010 Jerseys

Got $400 burning a hole in your pocket? Why not buy an authentic Team Canada 2010 Olympic hockey jersey. Or better yet, why not buy one for yourself and one for me so we can wear them while we cheer on our team next year. (Don’t tell me that you don’t have tickets to the […]

A Modern Day Napoleon?

I am small in stature with grandiose plans for expansion. I have been portrayed as a power hungry leader. I have been accused of achieving my goals by taking power into my own hands to the exclusion of all around me. Although I have professed to be acting for the good of the whole, I […]

20 Years Ago

I still remember it like it was yesterday. It’s amazing what a Stanley Cup Championship can do to a hockey fan. Exactly 20 years ago today, the Calgary Flames beat the Montreal Canadiens 4-2 in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals to clinch a 4-2 series win and become the first (and only) team […]

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