Out with the underachieved, in with the hope-to-achieve. Welcome back Cammalleri, we needed you.


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Mike Cammalleri back in Calgary

Welcome back, Mike Cammalleri. The Flames needed you!

Let the fan flags fly as we bid farewell to René Bourque in exchange for Montreal Canadiens, and former-Flame’ Mike Cammalleri, goaltender Karri Ramo and a fifth-round draft pick in the 2012 draft.

This all in exchange for the struggling number 17, last year’s fifth-round draft pick Patrick Holland and a second-round draft pick in next year’s 2013 draft.

The night before this bizarre trade, the now number 93, (the second Flames player to wear a number in the 90’s, besides Nylander) Cammalleri had made a comment via Twitter saying the Canadiens were simply ‘playing like losers’ — this due to their ‘losing mentality.’ This after a hasty loss.

He told reporters before the morning practice that he felt justified (and politically correct) in expressing how his team had been playing as of late, and though his public remark wasn’t needed it was definitely the tip of the iceberg.

Montreal was to play in Boston the next night — and it was mid-game the Habs GM made the lopsided trade to Calgary.

A bad break-up possibly? You could imagine both parties sleeping on it while the media continues to, from every angle, explain what was really said by him, but… Cammalleri was pulled off the ice mid-game (something never done before) and sent back to a hotel. Rumors then heightened and the news was broke during the end of the 1st period in Calgary.

What a shocker. Can anyone smell trade deadline yet? I sure can.

Cammy had signed a five-year, $30-million contract not long into his Montreal career with hopes of staying with the organization. Recently his family had purchased a house, one not even moved into yet.

But there is no denying Cammalleri’s plummeting record since he had left the Flames franchise in the 2008-09 season — producing a record 87 points in that season.

The only reason Cammalleri never stayed on board with the Flames that season was because of ole’ man Sutter. Or else he might of not went anywhere to begin with.

In addition to Cammalleri the Flames acquired a familiar face to Feaster, that being Karri Ramo, a former Tampa Bay prospect net minder whose been playing dominantly in the KHL for the last three seasons.

Though both A and B goalies for the Flames have signed on for the next year already, Ramo’s young age could be a real asset for both trade bait or a possible replacement in back up options.

There is no denying Calgary is the winner in the trade even if we are losing a player that so many fans have grown accustomed to adoring.

To Bourque it was a major surprise, expressing to the media that he was shocked to be traded – that he had no idea it was coming. He suspected one when he was pulled upstairs by Feaster right before last night’s nail-biting win at home against the Ducks, and after he had heard Cammalleri was pulled mid-game against Boston he said.

It is no surprise that Bourque’s inconsistency, and unfortunate suspensions had sent him to the Canadiens. Though he was battling a flawed 2011-12 season, Bourque when playing to his potential, is a gritty-garbage-goal scorer, and something Montreal could honestly benefit from.

So out with the underachieved, and in with the re-hope-to-achieve.
To me this trade doesn’t say a re-build is in the works, in fact it shows the Flames are serious about a play off rush. He isn’t our total solution, thought he might be a band-aid for the 2012 season, it is real uncertain where the Flames are going to end up once the dust settles late in the season.

Mike Cammalleri will start during Saturday’s anticipated game against the L.A. Kings and for a real twist, against his former GM and coach, Darryl Sutter.

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