Joe Nieuwendyk and Doug Gilmour inducted into Hockey Hall of Fame



Joe Nieuwendyk and Doug Gilmour

Joe Nieuwendyk and Doug Gilmour will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame tonight

Two former Flames stars will have their careers honoured by being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame tonight. It is appropriate that Joe Nieuwendyk and Doug Gilmour will enter the HHOF together after winning a Stanley Cup together in Calgary in 1989. The Cup was the first of 3 that Nieuwendyk would win and Gilmour’s only Stanley Cup in his 20-year NHL career.

Niewendyk and Gilmour will join former Flames 1989 Stanley Cup Champions Al MacInnis, Lanny McDonald and Joe Mullen in the Hall of Fame.

Joe Nieuwendyk - Stanley Cup

Joe Nieuwendyk hoists the Stanley Cup after winning it in Calgary in 1989

Joe Nieuwendyk was drafted by the Flames in the 2nd round (27th overall) in 1985 and went on to score 51 goals in his rookie season. His contributions to the Flames were steady and he consistently displayed his superior knowledge of and ability to play the game. He was co-captain of the Flames in 1989 when they won the Stanley Cup and was a major reason why Flames fans in Calgary and across the country had the chance to celebrate a Stanley Cup win.

Nieuwendyk was eventually traded to the Dallas Stars in 1995 and the Flames received a talented prospect named Jarome Iginla in return. This was one of the few trades in Flames history that truly benefited both clubs. Joe went on to win another Stanley Cup in Dallas and Calgary got a leader and captain for the next 15 years in Iginla.

Doug Gilmour arrived in Calgary in 1988 via a trade from St. Louis, where he started his career in 1982. Gilmour’s offense in St. Louis wasn’t lost on the Flames who benefited from his 26 goals and 85 points in the 88-89 season. Dougie was a big contributor to the Flames during the playoffs that year and eventually scored the Stanley Cup winning goal in Montreal on May 25, 1989. He holds the unique distinction of being the only player to score a Cup winner in the Montreal Forum while playing for a team other than the Montreal Canadiens.

On behalf of Flames fans everywhere, congratulations Joe and Doug on this well-deserved honour!

For you nostalgic types, here are the Game 6 highlights:

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