Rangers steal last-second overtime win, beat flames 3-2


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Photo: The Canadian Press, Jeff McIntosh

Ryan McDonagh took advantage of a big bounce off the end boards and buried the overtime winner into a wide-open Flames net to give the New York Rangers a 3-2 win over the Calgary Flames tonight.

McDonagh was in the right place at the right time and was the recipient of a Devon Brandon Dubinsky point shot that sailed wide of the Flames net, bounced off the end boards and right onto his stick with about a second to play in overtime. He made no mistake and fired the game-winner into the net.

It was a tough loss for the Flames who played hard, but couldn’t beat Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist often enough.

The New York Rangers got on the board first with a powerplay goal from Marian Gaborik less than 5 minutes into the game. But the Flames answered back less than a minute later when Jarome Iginla tapped in a sweet pass from Alex Tanguay for his 2nd goal of the season.

Former Flames tough guy, Brandon Prust, put the Rangers in front again with a short-handed goal just over halfway through the first period. Prust took advantage of a sloppy play by the Flames and found himself wide open in front of Calgary goalie Henrik Karlsson. He took a pass from Brian Boyle and roofed it over Karlsson to regain the lead.

After a somewhat questionable penalty call (the refs kinda sucked tonight), the Flames capitalized with the man advantage to tie it again. After passing the puck back and forth a couple times, Iggy fed Gio from the side boards and he snapped a shot past Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist, who was screened by one of his own defenceman.

The big story of the 2nd and 3rd periods was the futility of the Flames’ powerplay. Calgary had 3 consecutive powerplays, but couldn’t muster a single shot on two of them in the 2nd period. On their final man-advantage of the 3rd period, with time winding down in the game, they only managed to get 2 shots on net and neither of them was a good scoring chance. In the end this would be the difference in a game that they could have won if their special teams were better.

The other story of the game was how chippy the game was at the beginning. The Flames and Rangers only play each other once per season, but it didn’t stop them from hitting, chirping and even fighting. Tim Jackman and Mike Rupp dropped the gloves in the first period and so did Corey Sarich and Mike Newbury a few minutes later.

The fans also got in on the action, booing rookie Tim Erixon every time he touched the puck. For those who don’t remember, Tim Erixon was drafted by the Flames in the first round of the 2009 entry draft but “couldn’t come to terms” with the Flames. We view that as a slight against our team and our city, yet we’re glad that Erixon sucks and ended up in New York where he will languish amongst the NHL throw-aways. Have a nice life, loser.

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  • Phil

    “We view that as a slight against our team and our city, yet we’re glad
    that Erixon sucks and ended up in New York where he will languish
    amongst the NHL throw-aways. Have a nice life, loser.”

    Umm….just one word to RedMileBlog…



    Oh yeah…and what place is Calgary in? Enjoy your Jok(inen) of a team.

    • http://redmileblog.com Greg @ Red Mile Blog

      Position is only relevant after 82 games, not after 6. Why did you have to send Olli back here?!! (*shakes fist*). At least he has hair now and doesn’t look like an egg.

  • BluecollarBlueshirt

    Ha Ha calgary sucks

  • Hockeydude

    Tough loss for the Flames.  Refs blow just about every night – replay is their worst enemy because we all watch their follies in slow-mo.  Even though there are two of them, they still blow calls.  the instigator penalty that led to the Flames tying the game was a gift after missing two blatant cross checks by the flames, one of which broke the stick.  The rangers should have been livid.  As far as Erixon, he has played with poise in five games but what does that mean?????  2-5 years from now we will know if this is a good trade.  3 young players for an unknown entity yet highly drafted player can turn out either way – we will see.  Ask the Rangers where all their number 1 draft picks of the 90’s and early 2000’s are today?  a first round draft pick is no lock to play in the NHL let alone be an impact player.  Having said that – you can’t afford to miss on those picks.  I think erixon will be a good player on a team that all ready has several great young defensemen and one of them won the game for the Rangers last night.   The Rangers are poised to be a good young team for many years to come and I think taking a chance on erixon is one of the reasons why.  Finally, it is Brandon Dubinsky, not eric or devon and it was Girardi(undrafted 1st pair defenseman) who took the shot/pass that rebounded to McDonaugh who positioned himself perfectly to break hearts.  Just one game.

    • http://redmileblog.com Greg @ Red Mile Blog

      Thanks for the comment. As the gents above so kindly let me know I made an error on the name of the assist on the final goal. That’s been noted. You  make a very good point about Erixon, and I didn’t think everyone would take my last paragraph so literally and that it would become the focus. But it is what it is. You never know how good a trade will be for a few years and I can think of a lot of worse situations the Rangers could have found themselves in. 

  • Balantis

    Did you even watch the game? You don’t even know the players involved on the last goal… NICE BLOG LOL

  • ORR!

    Hey. Does anyone know if Bob is around? I’d like to know what the Mets record is.

  • Breakthecycle2

    It wasn’t a Dubinsky point shot, it was a Girardi point shot. As far as saying Tim Erixon sucks. Are you kidding me?

    • Bryan2007

      Seriously, nice game recap.  Dubinsky got the puck to Girardi who fired it off the end boards to set up the game winner.  And to say Erixon sucks, you lost all credibility right there.  For his 5th game in the NHL the kid showed a hell of a lot of poise out there.  Especially with an entire arena booing him.  And for you to say he slighted Calgary, maybe you should point some of the blame to the Calagary management.  Is it his fault that he saw a situation where he would have basically zero chance to see NHL action for the next 4 to 5 years if he signed w/ Calgary?  The kid is obviously NHL ready, one great example was last night’s game which obviously you weren’t paying much attention to in the first place.

      • http://redmileblog.com Greg @ Red Mile Blog

        Bryan, see my sarcasm comment below. The kid did show a great amount of poise with an entire arena booing him, and that’s pretty good for a young guy like him. It’s rare that a rookie coming into the league will have the balls to turn a team down, and I’m sure the reason he did was because of the number of defencemen that would be ahead of him on the Flames and Abbotsford Heat. It would have been another year or two before he saw NHL action, so it’s understandable that he didn’t want to sign here. It still hurts as a fan when your top draft pick says he doesn’t want to be a part of your organization.

    • http://redmileblog.com Greg @ Red Mile Blog

      That was Girardi? Sorry, all those blue shirts look the same to me.

      You know how to read with a sense of humour and sarcasm, right? Don’t
      take everything so literally. I know that part about your team having a
      bunch of throw-aways may be hard to read, but it’s the NY Rangers
      stereotype whether you want to admit it or not.

  • OldeBuffalo

    The Flames coasted on that very last play and were obviously looking forward to a shoot out. That lapse of concentration cost them the overtime goal that only gave them the loser point. Next time, maybe they’ll learn that lesson and play hard on the puck right to the very last whistle.

  • Anonymous

    Eric Dubinsky, not Devon Dubinsky.
    Your take on the game is sound, but your grammar is shit. Buy this and study verb usage, in particular: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/student-book-full-betty-scrampher-azar/1002942846


    • http://redmileblog.com Greg @ Red Mile Blog

      Eric Dubinsky? You mean this Eric Dubinsky > http://www.nhl.com/ice/player.htm?id=8471273 Thanks for pointing out that I called him Devon instead of Brandon. I fixed that error and appreciate your attention to detail as well as your opinion on my take on the game. I’m not sure what grammatical errors you’re talking about though.

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