Five Hole For Food is Today!! #FHFF


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In case you missed it, we’re playing street hockey today and you’re invited to come out and support a good cause.

Last year we raised a total of 640lbs of food for the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank when Five Hole For Food came to town. How much will we raise this year? Who knows?!!

Calgary set the single-city record last year, but we have some serious work to do if we’re going to do it again. The amount of food raised in each city this year has been exponentially higher and the new record is a much bigger number. With 4,635 lbs raised in Ottawa, we’ll need to see a major commitment from the people of Calgary. Really though, as long as we raise more than Edmonton and Vancouver, I’ll be happy.

I’ve been watching the team as they have been crossing the country and as we ramp up to the Calgary event, I’ve been looking at the chatter on Twitter to see what’s going to happen. Last night, we started seeingĀ photos on Twitter showing the food that people are bringing to the event. Despite a Tuesday afternoon game, it looks like the turnout will be even bigger this year.

If you are one of those who can’t come down to Stephen Avenue between noon and 4pm, you can donate money online to support the cause. It all adds up and hopefully we will be able to help the FHFF team surpass their goal of 20,000 lb of food raised this year.

The weather is going to be great, so bring your favourite Flames jersey, your stick and be ready for some fun in the sun. If you still need some motivation to come out, check out this quick video from last year’s Five Hole For Food event.

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  • Greg @ Red Mile Blog

    I am complete with sunburn and hack marks on my ankles and it was definitely worth it! What a fun day, and some great entertainment on the street hockey rink! Almost 4000 lbs of food was raised! Unbelievable! Thanks to everyone who came out.

  • Anonymous

    Heard about this when I was in Winnipeg over the weekend where they raised a huge amount. They’re something like only 600 pounds away from their goal with cities left. I’m sure Calgary can kick it up a notch and help them meet that goal in no time. What a great cause!!

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