Scoreface is back! Glencross re-signs with the Calgary Flames



Curtis “Scoreface” Glencross has re-signed with the Calgary Flames. While details about his contract are not confirmed at this time, it looks like he signed somewhere in the range of $2.5M per season for 4 years. I’ll post an update as soon as I have confirmation that these are the right numbers. In the meantime, let’s discuss the fact that Glenny will be back in a Flames jersey.

I’ve always been a big Glencross fan and I think that this is a good signing, quite possibly Jay Feaster’s first as the “real” GM of the Flames (he still has “acting” in front of his title, no?). At $2.5M per season, the Flames have said that he’s a valuable player that they want to keep on their roster, while not giving away the farm. After having a career year last season, Glencross probably could have signed somewhere else for a bit more, but it shows that he’s committed to this team. I can buy into that, and I have a lot of respect for him for it.

Too often players let their agents get the best of them and end up going somewhere strictly for the dollars. In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter if you get paid $2.5M or $3.5M to play hockey? Sure it’s nice to make the extra coin, but a mulit-million-dollar salary for 4 years pretty much ensures that you’ll be above middle class for life. If you can play in a city that you like, where your family is happy, isn’t that worth something?

Apparently for Glencross, it is.

What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know if you agree with this signing.

(UPDATE: 10:20am, 16 May 11) Word on the street is that the contract also includes a No Movement Clause. Ugh. Another one… Did Feaster add the NMC to get Glencross to sign for less? That sounds like a bargaining tool to me.

(UPDATE: 10:55am, 16 May 11) TSN’s Bob Mckenzie reports via Twitter that deal is worth $10.2M over 4 seasons. That’s a $2.55M cap hit per year.

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  • andrewb

    15-20 goal scorer a year for only 2.55 Million, good sign. Good to see a former UAA Seawolf in the NHL.

  • Tammy Earl

     I’m thrilled. Was waiting for this so I could get him on my jersey! (I chased Matthew Lombardi away with my last player jersey)

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