Jay Feaster is the new GM of the Calgary Flames


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The Calgary Flames made it official today. Jay Feaster has had the “acting” part of his title removed and is the new GM. Flames President, Ken King, made the announcement this afternoon during a press conference with Feaster and Craig Conroy. Feaster had some great comments on the future direction of the Flames. Here are a few of the best ones tweeted by @NHLFlames:

“The most exciting part for me is that I no longer have to answer the question: when are they taking ‘acting’ off your title”

“Craig Conroy has agreed to a multi-year deal as special assistant to GM”

“We’ve signed Curtis Glencross to a 4-yr 10.2 million dollar deal & are very happy”

“We’ll be making some player changes, we’ll have a different look, but we’ll get back to having the identity we want for this team.”

“We’re in the process now of negotiating with Alex [Tanguay]” “We’re very optimistic that we’ll be able to get him signed.”

I have to be honest. I like that 4th one. We’ll be making some player changes means that the slackers will be gone and anyone who has shown that they can work hard on a nightly basis will stay. Adding context to Glencross deal by saying that he left $$ on the table somewhere else shows that Feaster has the ability to get the right guys to stay and to even pay them less than they may be worth. This will be key when trying to shed some salary as he makes those changes.

Check out this interview with @Alex_Ruiz and Jay Feaster from FlamesTV

What do you think? Surprised? Shocked? Happy? Unhappy?

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  • Hockeyfan_4_8

    I expected this to happen. Very happy

  • OldeBuffalo

    The first order of business has been completed.

    Now that Jay Feaster and Craig Conroy have filled the General Managers position the team’s next task is to either confirm Brent Sutter as coach or start the search to replace him.

    After that situation has been cleared up the real problem begins – that of setting up the team for this fall.
    The salary cap will require some quick handed juggling to remove some of the under-performing, over-paid players and replacing them with over performing, modestly paid players. The fact that Glencross took the team up on their ‘home team discount’ is just another example of why the NHL players consider Calgary as a desirable place to play and to live with their families after their careers are over. With that fact in his arsenal, Feaster should be able to get the salary cap problem straightened around given a reasonable amount of time.

    And don’t forget that players need to be needed by the teams they’re playing for and when they find out they’re no longer wanted, their no-trade contracts begin to take a back seat to their objection to being traded.   

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