Flames beat injury-ravaged Avalanche


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The Calgary Flames turned down the suck for long enough to beat an injury-depleted Colorado Avalanche last night. I suppose I should be happy that they got the 2 points instead of giving them to a divisional rival, but it will take a lot more than this to make me happy again. Since their 7-2 drubbing at the hands of the Washington Capitals, the Flames haven’t managed to string 40 minutes of good hockey together. We all know that doesn’t bode well for winning hockey games.

After trailing the Avalanche twice last night, the Calgary Flames woke up in the 3rd period, scoring 3 unanswered goals on their way to a 4-2 victory. Curtis Glencross lead the Flames with two goals including one into an empty net that sealed the win. Mikael Backlund and David Moss also scored for the Flames.

Bandon Yip and Chris Stewart (yeah, the Chris Stewart that lit us up for 3 goals last time…) scored for the Avalanche who, despite their injury woes, have been playing well. After last night’s game, the Avalanche are still one point up on the Flames who occupy a seat towards the lower end of the Northwest Division.

I’ve been keeping busy with real life for the couple weeks and have missed a few Flames games. From what I’ve seen, they’re playing like crap and haven’t done much to convince us that they are an elite team. Anyone have anything to say on this topic? If so, leave a comment below.

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  • OldeBuffalo

    Winning teams have to have fun in order to become winning teams. I’m a big supporter of Brent as a coach, however, he’s got to lighten up a bit. Scowling at the players from the bench does nothing to help relieve the tension when things start to go wrong. The players tighten their grips on their sticks to the point where sawdust begins falling to the ice…and when that happens things go downhill very quickly.

    Every good team has success because it’s having fun and every losing team got that way because the players began to tighten up either because of tension on the team or because they were afraid of making a mistake or both.

    This is a very talented team and if they’re allowed to be a little more creative offensively they could go a long, long way. If they’re turned into robots with a task master scowling at every thing they do, they’ll continue to be hot and cold and mediocre at best.

    So my message to Brent Sutter is LIGHTEN UP A BIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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