Perfect schmerfect. It means nothing


As we’ve heard from many Oilers and Canucks fans, a perfect record in the preseason means nothing. Sure, they’re whining a bit since we beat both of their teams twice, but they do have a point. Mark this day on your calendar. I’ve just agreed with Coilers and Cant-nucks fans.

After beating the Oilers 5-2 tonight, the Flames became the only team to finish the 2010 preseason with a perfect record. That’s great and all, but it really means nothing in the grand scheme of things. A perfect record is a great indicator of what’s to come, but you don’t get any extra regular season points for winning every preseason game.  It’s the 82-game regular season that matters.

In tonight’s game, Alex Tanguay capitalized 5 minutes into the first period and banged a loose puck from the crease into the Oilers net. It was the only goal of the game, and proved to be the game-winner in what was a goaltenders battle. Both Miikka Kiprusoff and Jeff Deslauriers came up with big saves in the game, but Kipper ended up with one less goal against, and that was the difference.

There are 3 things that are certain after this final game of the preseason:

  1. T.J. Brodie should make the team after that preseason effort
  2. Rogers Sportsnet One sucks bigtime
  3. Bell ExpressVu sucks even bigger for not even offering Rogers Sportsnet One to their customers. Am I going to have to watch 19 games online this year, or am I going to be able to order one channel and watch it on my television like I want to?

Scoring Summary

1st Period
CGY: Tanguay A: Iginla, Giordano

2nd Period
no scoring

3rd Period
no scoring

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