Opening Day


The Calgary Flames open the 2010-2011 regular season tonight by renewing the Battle of Alberta. The game starts at 8pm in Edmonton and will be broadcast on CBC.

While your choices for watching the game are varied, it looks like THE place to be is Flames Central. In addition to watching the game on the big screen, they are hosting the MVP Hockey Pool, with over $10,000 in prizes, including the grand prize of a pair of Flames seasons tickets. You need to RSVP for the pool, and can do so here. You can respond to the Facebook event too. In addition, for us Twitter people, there is a Tweetup that you can join. Details and RSVP are here. If you choose to come down to Flames Central, come say hi. I’ll be the tall guy in the red Iginla jersey.

Wherever you choose to watch the game – be it at home with a cold brew, at a pub with friends, on a plane, or if you’re making the trip down to Edmonton, the fact is that the long off-season is over and tonight the puck drops on the 2010-2011 season. As always, I’m nervous and excited at the same time. Each new season brings the hope of a thousand possibilites, but it also brings the fear that our team may not be up to the challenge.

I think that this Calgary Flames team has many of the pieces that are necessary for success, and they also have a coaching staff with a different attitude towards the game. I think we’ll see a more offensive-minded team this season and I feel that they will play a type of game that will be more fun to watch.  Even without Matt Stajan in the starting lineup, the Flames have 2 solid lines that can contribute offensively, and they also have a good, young 3rd line that has the potential to put a few pucks in the net. The defense is solid, and I’d be surprised if Jay-Bo doesn’t have a breakout season after last year’s disappointment.

For the first time in a while we can confidently say that we have a real backup goaltender for Kipper. Sure, Henrik Karlsson is not at the same level as Kipper, but he has shown that he can confidently stand in at any time and give the Flames #1 goalie a rest.

So. What’s it gonna be, Flames fans? A win to start the season? A real Battle of Alberta? Are we in for a treat or will we be disappointed by what our team comes up with to start the season?

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