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A busy week at work last week left me without much time to keep up with the Flames 3-game road trip. I got to watch a bit of hockey, but the early starts usually meant I only tuned in midway through the 2nd period. That wasn’t a problem in Nashville, as it took until overtime to score, but it was a bit of a problem on Thursday and Friday when the Flames did the majority of their scoring in the first half of the game.

“What?” You’re probably saying. “Don’t you PVR the games?” The answer is yes and no. I do when it’s on a channel that I have, and for the moment, Bell is light years behind and doesn’t have Sportsnet Flames or Sportsnet One. It’s a shame, because the majority of Flames games on SNET Flames are in the next few weeks. So here I sit, without the ability to record the game and start watching when I come home from work. Bell, if you’re reading this, I’m not the only fan in this situation and you really need to get on it.

Not recording last night’s game is purely my fault. I do have a PVR and have SNET-W on my channel lineup. I simply forgot to record it. So there I was, missing 3 nice goals (or at least they looked like it on the highlights), and Iggy fighting. Did that really happen?

Overall, I’m pleased with the Flames road trip. After taking 2 points in a 1-0 win in Nashville they had a day off to travel to Detroit. They came out gunning in the first period and took the lead at Joe Louis Arena, but couldn’t hang on, eventually falling 4-2 to the Red Wings. The following night they were the beneficiaries of a slow-looking Columbus Blue Jackets team that never seemed to get up for the game until the 3rd period. Hey! That sounds vaguely familiar… not sure where I remember it from, but I’m sure I’ve typed that before.

So the Flames wound up with 4 of 6 points on this road trip, and now find themselves on top of the Northwest Division with 8 points. Colorado and Vancouver are right there with them, though the Flames sit on top due to a better goal differential and games played. Minnesota is one point behind, and the Oilers, who showed so much promise in that opening night win, have lost their last 3 games and now regained that familiar spot in last place in the Northwest.

Here are the highlights of the 2 games I missed. First, Calgary’s 4-2 loss in Detroit. Take note of Johan Franzen’s game-winning goal off Kipper’s head at (1:34). Though I detest Franzen, I do have to give him props for a creative, lucky goal. No matter how it goes in, the fact is it goes in and goals win games.

Next is Calgary’s 6-2 win in Columbus. Two important notes from this game are Henrik Karlsson’s first NHL win in his first NHL start and Rene Bourque’s hat trick, which almost didn’t happen thanks to a goal that was called off in the 3rd period due to goaltender interference. Borkie made good on his hat trick by notching his 3rd goal with less than 10 seconds left in the game.

The Calgary Flames return home to finish out October and start November. They will play the next 5 games in the Scotiabank Saddledome. For full details please check out the Calgary Flames Schedule.

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