Six Goals Pushes Avalanche Past Flames


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In a game that was all kinds of weird, the Calgary Flames gave up 3 different leads and two important points to the visiting Colorado Avalanche who defeated the Flames on a night that should have been a celebration. With Colorado goalie Craig Anderson out with a knee injury, the Flame should have rolled through the Avs on a night that celebrated Craig Conroy’s 1000th NHL game. Instead, they played a sloppy game and ended up on the wrong side of a 6-5 loss.

The first weird part of the game was the fact that the Flames were playing in their whites at home. According to the Flames Twitter community, the reason this happened was a combination of a lack of space in the Av’s players bags and the fact that the Avs played in Vancouver the other day and the Canucks wanted to wear their throwback white jerseys. Either way, the reasons aren’t good enough to make the Flames wear their white jerseys in the C of Red.

Weird part number two was the way that both netminders gave up goals in this game. The final score was 6-5 and it seemed like any player could score on any shift and on any shot on net. The Avs first 3 goals came from Chris Stewart, who is emerging as a serious power forward threat in the NHL. During the 2nd and 3rd period, the Avs hit the post/crossbar behind Henrik Karlsson at least 4 times. Both Karlsson and Budaj are good goalies, but they had serious problems stopping shots tonight. When was the last time you saw 11 goals in a Flames game?

I don’t know what else to say after this game. A 3-1 Flames lead late in the second period dissolved in a matter of 29 seconds. I don’t have anything against Karlsson- I really think he’s a great backup goalie- but why was he in net for this Northwest Division matchup? Every point

Here’s the line that can sum up Craig Conroy’s 1000th NHL game: we scored a lot of goals, but they just scored more, and faster.

Were you watching? What do you think? What happened? Do you think Conroy’s wife is cute or what?!!

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  • Marcelo

    Another game with no Iginla goals… He’s old.

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