Jokinen and Prust for Kotalik and Higgins


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So it looks like I chose the wrong afternoon/evening to go offline. I figured the drama of the day was done after the big Phaneuf trade, but I guess I underestimated Darryl Sutter.

TSN is now reporting that the Flames will announce a trade with the New York Rangers that will send Jokinen and Prust to the Big Apple in exchange for Ales Kotalik and Christopher Higgins.

More details to come soon. This night, apparently.

I’m pretty excited to be going to the game tomorrow night. If this trade happens tonight, I’m not sure if they will be in town soon enough to play, but you can bet th Flames will try to get them here.

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  • Greg

    I was definitely excited about 5 hours ago. I'm feeling pretty down right now after that performance tonight. But I can't really blame the team. The first 5 minutes of the game were the worst 5 minutes of Flames hockey I've seen in a long time. Everyone was nervous and the puck was bouncing all over. The Olli-Prust trade has now been announced, so maybe we can all settle down for a bit now. This team is going to take some getting used to.

  • markowil

    You WERE excited before the game Greg. Sorry that you were disappointed. Rumors about the Jok/Prusty trade still swirling, on/off, and on again. What a racket. C'mon Daryl get with the program, how can you handle players this way.

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