Hockey Day in Canada: BoA


It’s hockey day in Canada, and I’ve been enjoying our national game all day long. I put the skates on and shot some pucks at the outdoor rink at the park close to my house, and now it’s time to put on the Flames jersey and head downtown to prep for the Flames vs Oilers game at 8pm.

The hype is building (at least it is inside MY head), and this is sure to be a good, physical game. Both teams are riding ridiculously long losing streaks, and one team will end it tonight. The team that comes out and truly believes they can win, will win.

There is no set of stats anyone can quote to predict who will win. Such is the Battle of Alberta. The best team can lose to the worst team on any night when these 2 teams come out to play. It is usually the team that plays with energy and physicality that wins. We just don’t know which team that will be yet.

So if you feel up to it, leave a prediction. I’ve put money on a 4-3 Flames win.

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  • Greg

    Well I sure didn't expect 6-1. I'll take it though!!

  • Danelle

    Sweet – 3-1 for the Flames :)

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