Flames Win in Toronto for First Time Since 2000


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I suppose that Flames fans should be happy that they won tonight, taking their first 2 points away from Toronto since 2000. But after the way they played, I’m not sure we can be so happy. Sure the Flames took 5 of a total 6 points on their 3-game road trip through the eastern conference, but they didn’t finish on a high note.

The Leafs out-hustled the Flames for much of the game, including the entire 2nd period and much of the 3rd period. If it wasn’t for the continued stellar play of Flames goalie Miikka Kiprusoff, who stopped 38 of 40 shots, the Flames could have easily lost to the 2nd worst team in the league tonight.

I don’t mean to put down the Toronto Maple Leafs – their fans and media have done that enough already – but the Flames should have dominated the Leafs tonight. The final 5-2 score doesn’t do the game justice, and could have easily been the other way. The Flames were lucky to get the win tonight, and should be happy with the 2 points.

The game’s highlights were 2 goals from Jarome Iginla, including the game winner, and a +4 rating for Robyn Regehr who struggled at the beginning of the season with his plus-minus rating. Regehr’s defensive partner, Dion Phaneuf was also +3 tonight, which seems to indicate that the two seem to have found a way to play together.

Eric Nystrom, Dustin Boyd and Jay Bouwmeester also scored for the Flames who are now 12-4-2 on the season. Francois Beauchemin and Matt Stajan scored for the Leafs who fall to 3-10-5.

The Flames return home for games against Colorado (Tuesday) and Chicago (Thursday) next week.

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  • Greg

    I shouldn't really be saying this because I'm a Flames fan, but it was good to see Olli get his ass kicked by Beauchemin last night. I wonder what it will take to get him to show up consistently and start contributing the equivalent of what he gets paid.

    The PP was good at the start of the season, but they've been absent so far in November. The team has to get better on PP and PK if they hope to have any continued success. How they've managed to creep back into the top 5 teams in the NHL without special teams is beyond me, but as many others have already said, "they continue to find ways to win games."

  • marko

    I agree, the Flames could have been much better. Their PP has been absolutely dreadful, and needs to connnect. Ollie has been absent for much of the season and needs to show up.

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