Battle of Alberta #3 no Snoozer


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Earlier this week I overheard someone say, “Do you think Iggy has finally woken up?” This question came on Wednesday after Jarome’s best game of the season when he scored a goal, added an assist and more importantly, lead his team to victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets.

It was a thought that had also come to my mind. Despite the fact that the Flames have continued to win games and have kept their record within the top 5 teams in the NHL, their captain has not played up to our expectations. Last night’s game was a good indication that Jarome Iginla hasn’t actually “woken up,” he just hit the snooze button.

The Flames rolled over the Edmonton Oilers 5-2 last night to improve their Battle of Alberta record to 3-0 this season. Like many games so far, the Flames weren’t lead on the scoresheet by their captain. Instead it was Rene Bourque and Nigel Dawes that lead the team in scoring with 3 points and 2 goals respectively.

Bourque, the Flames leading scorer, notched his 5th goal of the season on a shorthanded breakout with Daymond Langkow in the first period. He also set up Dawes for 2 goals, including the back-breaker at 12:27 of the 3rd period, at a time when the Oilers looked like they were considering a comeback. Eric Nystrom and David Moss also scored for the Flames.

Last night’s win against the Oilers was the 3rd in a row for the Flames and gives them a 7-2-1 record after 10 games. They are 5-0 against their NW division rivals, and even without their captain’s usual contributions, the Flames have managed to achieve the 3rd best record in the league. This has been possible because the Flames have had balanced scoring and everyone has been contributing. They have 6 players with 6 points, 5 players with 5 points and only 2 players on the roster that have not registered a point so far. But Jason Jaffray has only played in 1 game, and Aaron Johnson has only played in 2 games.

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve heard lots of theories about why Iginla has been slow to start this season: He’s getting older; He has too much attention on him from opposing teams; He’s slowing down; He can’t find chemistry with Olli Jokinen; He is being held back by Brent Sutter’s new team structure. Whatever the case, Iginla is not scoring like he has in past seasons and is not dominating games like Flames fans want him to. But Jarome still has 8 points (3rd most on the Flames) and the team is winning consistently. So should we really worry about it?

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  • Flamesrule1989

    Iggy will be fine, he's just saving it for the Cup drive.

  • walkinvisible

    people that say "this could be iggy's best season yet" make me wonder if they watch games blindfolded (sorry, affiliate). seriously, though, iggy is battling hard just like he always did, but he LOSES a significant number of those wars on the boards (from my eye, at least). i can't explain why but the play dies on his stick more often than not. i will admit that playing with jokinen was NOT helping the cause….

    here's to hoping i'm totally wrong.

  • A Seawolves Fanatic

    Is Curtis Glencross lining up with Iggy?

  • Affiliate

    Has Iggy or has the Flames coaching staff finally woken up?

    I don’t think flames fans have to worry about Iggy. In fact this could prove to be his best season yet, once the Flames get used to their new offensive assignments and finally break free of their old style – 3 Flames forwards playing ring-around-a-rosy with their noses up each other’s butts every time they arrived in the opposition’s end. How the hell they were successful and how Iggy scored so many points in that antiquated system was beyond me.

    The Flames are beginning to spread out after gaining possess in the opposition’s end and are having a much easier time staying in possession while one of them gets in position for a good scoring opportunity.

    When this system finally becomes second nature and when their old system has finally been purged from their minds, I expect to see the Flames (including Iggy) rack up all kinds of goals and assists and just might set a new Flame’s season scoring record.

  • markbow

    Meh, Iggy has traditionally been a slow starter. As far as goals anyway. I thought he was a real presence in that game last night, very physical and initiating play that led to goals

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