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A couple weeks ago, I wrote about rumours that were circulating about whether Alex Tanguay would re-sign with the Calgary Flames. As I said in my original post I don’t believe the rumours and I really don’t think he’ll end up in a Flames uniform next season. But nonetheless, people are still talking. Oh, we bloggers love to speculate!
It seems the rumours are heating up again now that Tanguay is one of the last well-known/high paid/highly regarded/”big name” UFAs not signed. So it’s natural that people wonder whether he’ll sign with their team. There are apparently 4 different teams that also have the same rumour about Tanguay. Here’s what their bloggers are saying:

Tampa Bay still appears on the “hot list” and they wouldn’t really need to clear any cap space to sign him. Can you picture Lecavalier + Tanguay + St. Louis getting along together? So can I. Despite the uncertainty surrounding their ownership, the Phoenix Coyotes are also in the mix and have lots of cap room left if necessary. Even being $3.6M under the cap, the NY Rangers have been mentioned, as have the Nashville Predators. Nashville has loads of $$ to spend, but not much of a team to entice him to sign there. Apparently, 11 days ago, the Florida Panthers officially dropped out of contention. Were they ever really in contention?!!


Flames fans all over the net seem to be talking about Tanguay also. Crash the Crease called Calgary a possibility before denouncing it in light of the fact that Tanguay changed agents and now is favouring Tampa Bay. For the past two days, the Calgary Puck forum was alight with talk about Tanguay coming back to Calgary. The Calgary Puck posts rightly included the fact that someone like Sarich or Langkow would need to be traded to fit a contract like Tanguay under the cap. Others seem to think that it’s a serious possibility that Tanguay will take a $1M contract for the privilege of suiting up with the Flames again. Check out the results of the Matchsticks and Gasoline poll and you’ll see what I mean.

2 points to show why he won’t sign in Calgary:
1- Salary: Tanguay’s last contract was$5.25M per season. Calgary would have to do some major trades to fit that in, and that’s not in the team’s best interest. Even if Tanguay were to become a “bargain basement” deal and accept a contract for $2-3M, it still wouldn’t fit under the cap for the coming season.

2- Culture: The city of Calgary and the Flames organization have a unique culture that the players need to buy into. Some guys just fit in and some guys don’t… its as simple as that. Tanguay never really fit into the Calgary culture. While he kept it on the DL pretty well, it was no secret that he did not want to play in Calgary. Call it whatever you like… but Tanguay didn’t feel comfortable in Cow Town. Consider the names Alex Tanguay, Cory Sarich (who lives year-round with his family in Calgary) and Daymond Langkow (who could be the cowboy in the Marlborough commecrials) and decide who “fits” on the Calgary Flames more.

2 points why I’m glad he wont sign in Calgary:
1- Production: Tanguay’s production is slipping faster than the days until his 30th birthday. He put up career-best #’s for points (81) while with the Flames in 2006-2007 (22 goals, 59 assists), but the last 2 seasons have been sub-par for a guy with at $5+ million contract. The “playmaker” had 58 pts in 07-08 and added just 41 pts in Montreal while missing 31 games with a shoulder injury. Most importantly, since 2000-2001 Tanguay has been under-performing in the playoffs. He has yet to come close to his 21 points in 23 playoff games that he tallied with the Avalanche in the 2001 playoffs, and I believe that he’s getting soft and would be a risk for any team that is looking for offensive production down the stretch and into the playoffs.

2- Toughness: Alex Tanguay is 6’1″, but he plays like he’s 5’7″.

Flames Wild Hockey

His preferred style of play is not what Calgary brings to the ice every night. While he excels at the fast-paced, end-to-end game, he is less useful when the game gets physical. While watching him in Montreal, I saw that he appeared right-at-home with the Habs style of hockey. In Montreal, he went on a tear, scoring 17 pts in 15 games. Now that you add a shoulder injury that put him out for 1/3 of last season, I don’t think that he’s worth the large paycheque that everyone else thinks he deserves.

When interviewed by Montreal Newspaper, La Presse, Tanguay indicated that Tampa Bay and Minnesota were the 2 teams that were “duking it out” for him, and that he’d sign with the team that “took care of his interests the best.” I’m sure we’ll find out in a week or so where he will play next season. My money is on Tampa Bay because the owners and management staff there seem to like complementing Vincent Lecavalier, Martin St Louis and Steven Stamkos with this type of player – that is, a player that has a recognizable name. For me, that’s what Tanguay is: a recognizable name… and one that I prefer to see on an opposing team’s jersey.

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