Is Tanguay Coming Back to the Flames?


Oh Crap! Say it ain’t so, Joe! (or Darryl, or Brent, or even Brett!)

There is a rumour floating around that the Flames are trying to re-sign Alex Tanguay, who spent 2 so-so years with the Flames in 06-07 and 07-08 . I am not a Tanguay lover by any stretch of the imagination and I was happy when he was traded to Montreal for a 1st round draft pick (Greg Nemisz) in summer 2008.

Tanguay played 50 games with the Habs last season and tallied 41 points.

Personally I don’t believe this rumour. No offense to the writer at Bleacher Report, but I don’t trust that there is any substance to this rumour. He previously predicted that tanguay would sign with either Florida, Phoenix, NY Rangers, Colorado, or LA Kings… and now all of a sudden Tanguay is supposed to be a “done deal” to sign with the Flames again?!!

If this rumour is true, the Flames would have to trade someone – though Tanguay will come much cheaper this time- and the most likely person on the “who do we trade” list is Phaneuf. I can’t see D.Sutter trading him away before the start of the season.

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  • Greg

    For the coninuation of this rumour, read this:

  • walkinvisible

    i was thinking about this just today, actually. it really makes a lot of effin' sense; tanguay was good with jarome, only left cause he hated keenan, and if he's not signed now, then he'll come cheap cheap.

  • Affiliate

    I'm not sure what someone out there has been smokin' but it must be some real good $H*t.

    The Flames don't need another look at a so-so marshmallow type player who's afraid to stick his nose into anything other than a feather duster for fear of hurting himself.

    Here's another rumour to go along with the Tangay rumour.

    The US never landed on the moon and it was all staged in a Hollywood sound stage……..ooops…I guess that rumour has been proven wrong in recent days also.

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