Flames Are Consistent in October


Those of you who think that the Calgary Flames lack consistency are going to be surprised… or maybe not…

The Flames problem for the past few seasons has been a lack of consistency. The team has had a little bit of everything from downright laughable losses to fantastically marvelous wins; victories won in the first period to last minute comebacks; losses that started less than a minute into the game and tear-jerking 3rd period collapses that gave 2 points to the competition.

But one thing in the Flames game is consistent. As Jean Lefebvre of the National Post writes today, the Flames have had consistently poor season starts for the last 4 seasons. The stats speak for themselves. The last time they have been on the + side of .500 after 5 games was prior to the lockout. (remember the season they went to the Stanley Cup Finals?). Their early games are always tough for their fans who hope for the magical 10 straight wins to get the season going… and who usually wonder who we need to trade after only 4 or 4 games.

But the Flames usually don’t disappoint in November and December. Once the season-beginning jitters are out of their system, the team usually starts to fire on all cylinders. So look for the Flames to start scoring and to start getting pucks bouncing onto their sticks – instead of over them. Look for the defense to tighten up and for the all stars to start doing what they get paid for. Just don’t look for it for another week or so!

This is just the reason that I didn’t pick Iginla, Phaneuf or Kiprusoff in my Hockey Pool this season. Like their own team, they always leave mine behind, playing the catch-up game. Maybe I’ll trade other players for them in November, etc… but for now I’m happy with Martin Brodeur, Alexander Semin, Evgeni Malkin and Andrei Markov

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