Tanguay Trade Rumours Start Again


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The “Trade Alex Tanguay for Alex Kovalev” rumours have started again.

After Calgary’s 5-4 shootout loss (and Kovalev’s post-game comments about Montreal head coach Guy Carbonneau) rumours started to circulate at RDS about the possibily of a Kovalev-Tanguay trade between Montreal and Calgary.

This trade rumour is not a new thing… it’s been rumour-ed about in the past, except now the media stations (and journalists) have three more pieces of ammunition to add to the pile: Kovalev bad talking Cabonneau after their 2-1 shootout loss to Florida, Tanguay not really playing very well to start this season, and (this is the big bit…) Kovalev was on the NY Rangers when they won the Stanley Cup with Keenan as coach.

Flames GM Darryl Sutter and Tanguay both dismissed the rumour very quickly… but it got everyone thinking about early season trades.

In fact, the Calgary Herald wrote about the possibility of trading Kiprusoff this morning. They also added a couple more articles on the same page regarding Kiprusoff leaving the team after his defencement ‘helped’ 3 goals get past him in Colorado on Tuesday night.

Of course the team backed-up Kiprusoff 100% (as they should)… but it does give you some food for thought. If Kipper doesn’t start to pick up his game soon should Sutter consider trading him for another goalie (or offensive forward to play with Iginla)? Should Sutter look at a package deal / 3-way trade with Kiprusoff AND Tanguay in exchange for a goalie and a ‘natural ‘goal scorer? Or should he continue to focus on working with the team he’s got (maybe minus Eriksson!) and build them into a contender throughout the season while negotiating with Kipper’s agent to sign him to a long-term deal?

Personally I think that the obvious thing to do here is to get rid of Eriksson. He’s a mediocre player at best and has done more than his share to give Calgary’s defenceman a bad reputation this season.

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