Flames Spearhead the Green Push


I just read this article in the Montreal Gazette. It makes me proud to be a Flames fan and see what the Flames players do to go above and beyond off the ice.

MONTREAL — The Calgary Flames wear red uniforms, but some of them are also going green — buying carbon offsets to cover air travel and hotels while they’re on the road with the NHL.

Buying carbon offsets to neutralize green-house gas emissions is one way for individuals to shrink their “carbon footprints,” said David Taylor, director of communications for the David Suzuki Foundation in Vancouver.

For NHLers, flying accounts for the biggest part of their carbon footprints. Taylor said carbon offsets include projects like funding renewable energy projects in a developing country.

“The reason I went carbon neutral is that I enjoy the outdoors and want to preserve the environment as much as possible for myself and hopefully my children one day to enjoy,” Flames defenceman Robyn Regehr is quoted as saying on the David Suzuki Foundation website. “It has changed me by raising awareness of my everyday impact on the environment.”

Boston Bruins defenceman Andrew Ference, who spearheaded the players’ green initiative when he was with the Flames, is an outdoorsman who became concerned about the environment while surfing in the Pacific Ocean off California five years ago.

“I could taste gasoline in the water,” he said. “There was a refinery just down the beach and I just really clicked and said, ‘Gosh, this ain’t right.’ That was the real tipping point for me.”

Ference now does his part by driving a hybrid car, uses wind power for his home, and is spreading the word to other NHL players about becoming “carbon neutral.”

“Guys like Rhett Warrener and Jarome Iginla are on board now, Chuck Kobasew, but we’re just getting started,” Ference said.

“I’m pushing hard for the NHL and the NHLPA to be very proactive … just the statement that it makes as a professional league, I think, would be tremendous.”

“I’m very happy to see NHL players taking action on global warming,” environmentalist David Suzuki said recently. “I hope other athletes and Canadians will be encouraged to follow their example by reducing and offsetting their emissions.”

Taylor said NHL players are acting individually, not through their respective clubs.

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