McLennan Suspended 5 Games for Slash


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Calgary Flames backup goaltender Jamie McLennan was suspended 5 games for a slash on Johan Franzen late in the 3rd period of yesterday’s playoff game against Detroit.

McLennan came in to play late in the game when Miikka Kiprusoff was pulled. McLennan played 18 seconds before being given 7 minutes of penalties and a game misconduct for the slash.

In addition, Flames Coach Jim Playfair was fined $25,000, and the Calgary Flames organization was fined $100,000 by the NHL.

The suspension and fines are not really a surprise. It happened late in a game that was already a loss for the Calgary Flames, and the NHL doesn’t look favourably upon that…

According to NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell had this to say: “In our pre-playoff conference calls with the coaches and general managers of the respective organizations, we addressed a number of topics and one of them was actions late in the game when the score was out of hand,”

So it looks like McLennan will be out until game 3 of the next series with Anaheim.

Oh wait… the Flames still have to win at home tonight, and again on the road on Tuesday for that to happen… and Kipper has to start sucking, which isn’t likely to happen.

But I do think that the Flames will win tonight. Unless the idiocy of the last 5 minutes of yesterday’s game gives the Wings some extra motivation.

At least Brent Krahn will have a good story to tell his buddies back home.

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