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Tonight’s game between the Flames and the Atlanta Thrashers will mark the beginning of my Slingbox Era.

I will be tuning into tonight’s game via my new Slingboxthat is located on top of my dad’s TV. This gem of technology will allow me to watch this game (and every one for the rest of the season) from my living room (located all the way across Canada, in a province that doesn’t cover Flames games).

What is a Slingbox, you ask? It’s a device that takes the TV feed from a cable or satellite receiver and transmits it over the internet so I can watch it wherever I am. I could tune into live Flames games from Beijing, Brussels or Bolivia… as long as I can find a high speed internet connection!

I’ve got it up and running right now and am watching the Bruins vs. Oilers on my laptop.

You see, for the past 12 months, I’ve struggled to keep this blog updated while living in ”The East”… first it was Hamilton, and now it’s Montreal. In Hamilton, the only games I could ever find were Maple Leafs games… here in Montreal (as you can well imagine) there’s another team that monopolizes all the airtime.

But now I don’t have to worry about all that. With a Slingbox tuned into a local Calgary satellite connection, I won’t have to worry about blackouts, regional coverage, or any other thing that may hinder my Calgary Flames viewing.

If you’ve never heard of Slingbox, check out the links and see what all the hype is about.

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