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Update (Nov 2008) – There is a new way to access NHL Highlight video, though I have found it to be temperamental and not always work as it should. The link to follow is and will take you directly to the Flames NHL TV page. There are game highlights, interviews and links to other Flames-oriented content. If this doesn’t work for you, check out my Highlights page at: where I’ll continue to post game highlights from as many games as I can. It may be a little slow to load… but with patience you’ll be able to watch all the hightlights on the page. (Hint: if you click “FULL”on the bottom right of the highlights box, you’ll see the action full-screen.

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I always knew that had video highlights, but I never could find all of them. I found a doozy today though. I learned how to access all the hightlights from all the games this season… as well as the highlights from today. You must register to watch the highlights (its free- just choose not to receive emails from if you don’t want them).

Today’s Highlights (click the link)

Season-long highlights: For some reason it works best if you go through a player’s profile. For ease of use, I chose Jarome Iginla’s Player Profile.

You’ll see Iggy’s picture, then a grayish box to the right of it with JAROME IGINLA, and Calgary Flames 12 in it. In the same grayish box you should be able to see a link that says Recent Video.If you click on the Recent Video link, a Javascript video highlights window pops up. (This is where you access the highlights)

Because it’s a Javascript popup, I cannot post a link to that location. You must go through the player profile to get it. Sorry!

To view Iggy’s goal highlights, click on the 300K or 700K link (depending on your Internet connection). If you thirst for more NHL Hockey highlights, look in the top right corner of the Popup Javascript window (above and right of Iggy’s picture) and choose a date. You’ll have access to all the games on that date. Again… click the 300K or 700K link to view the videos.

You’ll need Window’s Media Player 10 for this to work best, so make sure you’re updated.

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