Flames Beat Wild to Extend Winning Streak to 7


From Dec. 14, 1992 to Jan. 2, 1993 the Calgary Flames went on an 8-game winning streak. This was their 2nd longest streak to date. With their 3-2 win tonight over the Minnesota Wild, they are now one game away from doing the same thing this year.
The Flames all-time wining streak is 10 games in a row… from Oct 14-Nov 3 1978.

The Flames are going to need to put together 3 good periods of hockey on Friday if they want to beat the Detroit Red Wings, who have the most points in the league at this moment. Tonight’s game was a bit of a sleeper for the Flames during the first 2 periods, until Jarome Iginla caught fire in the 3rd period and lead the team with 2 assista and the game winning goal. Once again, Dion Phaneuf showed why he’s one of the top 3 rookies in the NHL (and the most highly underrated one at that) with a a beautiful goal to start the Flames 3rd period comeback.

You should have seen my dad screaming and clapping tonight. You can tell whenever the Flames score in my house by the loud cheer, “Ha-Haaaaay!!!!” followed by 8 or ten good claps, and then “Atta boy Iggy!!!” You can hear it no matter where you are in the house.

Hmmm…I think I just figured out what to get my dad for Christmas!!!

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